Professional landscaping services in Melbourne

We understand that gardens can be an important part of your business’s shop front.  We also understand that for many businesses without client facing sites, these gardens simply need to be kept tidy so they don’t pose an OH&S issue.  At Ecoscape Gardens we can provide a tailored service plan specific to your business needs. 

Garden Makeovers 

Looking to update your business’s gardens?  We can provide a detailed plan to refresh your gardens and get them looking great again.  From concept to design to rollout, we can manage the entire process for you.  

Property management and development

If you are a developer, we can plan and build your property’s new garden.  Whether your development is single or multi tenanted, we can work with you to add significant value to your buildings.

Single area updates 

Maybe you’re happy with your overall garden, but there’s a specific area that could do with some attention? Whether it’s laying new turf, creating a new garden bed, or adding a water feature, our team can provide targeted updates that significantly improve the look and feel of your garden.

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